Profiles of the Enlightened – Laura Dern and Mike White

HBO’s ‘Enlightened’ needs a 3rd season for a proper conclusion to one of the most amazing and unusual series on TV. Join in on the campaign by posting to twitter with #RenewEnglightened or going to the Enlightened Facebook page below.

HBO’s ‘Enlightened‘ is one of the best shows on television. Its creators Mike White and Laura Dern, both of whom star in the series, paint a nuanced picture of the life of a whistle blower in Southern California. It’s just completed its second season and I’m hoping it’s renewed for a 3rd. I’m participating in a campaign on Twitter to encourage HBO to renew it. Make sure you follow @EnlightenedFans and tweet out (or share on Facebook or Tumblr) some of the great press on the Enlightened Fans Tumblr blog. Make sure you include @HBO and #Renew #Enlightened in your tweets.

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You Go Cheyenne!

A friend of mine sent me these great videos of Cheyenne Jackson. One is the prep for his photo shoot for Out magazine and the other is him talking about being a budding TV star and being an out actor. Both are shot on Fire Island. I love the fact that he’s on Glee, 30 Rock, and Curb Your Enthusiasm all at the same time.

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Shakira is a Hot Hot Hot She Wolf on SNL

See Shakira perform her new song “She Wolf” on Saturday Night Live in this video.

She Wolf is no “Hips Don’t Lie” but it’s catchy and certainly will keep Shakira‘s star shining brightly. And talk about a girl in shape! Watch this video and you’ll know that those hips certainly don’t lie!

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