Profiles of the Enlightened – Laura Dern and Mike White

HBO’s ‘Enlightened’ needs a 3rd season for a proper conclusion to one of the most amazing and unusual series on TV. Join in on the campaign by posting to twitter with #RenewEnglightened or going to the Enlightened Facebook page below.

HBO’s ‘Enlightened‘ is one of the best shows on television. Its creators Mike White and Laura Dern, both of whom star in the series, paint a nuanced picture of the life of a whistle blower in Southern California. It’s just completed its second season and I’m hoping it’s renewed for a 3rd. I’m participating in a campaign on Twitter to encourage HBO to renew it. Make sure you follow @EnlightenedFans and tweet out (or share on Facebook or Tumblr) some of the great press on the Enlightened Fans Tumblr blog. Make sure you include @HBO and #Renew #Enlightened in your tweets.

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Bowie’s Return

Ten years have passed since David Bowie’s last album and most people didn’t expect another one. He’d had a heart attack after making ‘Reality’ and had largely retreated from the public eye. To everyone’s great surprise, he announced on his birthday of this year (after keeping it a secret), that he would release a new album entitled ‘The Next Day’ within a month. Keeping a new album under wraps is no small feat, especially with an artist of Bowie’s magnitude.

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2013 Blizzard Nemo

I know this blizzard was tough for a lot of people. So many people without power, which is very unfortunate.

As most people know, I do not like winter AT ALL. But I do like to watch snow falling and enjoy it right after it falls. This is when it’s still on the trees mostly, especially on a bright and sunny day like yesterday. Here are some not-so-amazing photos taken right outside our building on Riverside Drive. Lots of children enjoying sledding. This I love, but walking through slush, I don’t!

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Our UWS Apartment – After 4 Months

I haven’t been super motivated to blog and put photos up of our new place, even though a lot of people have been asking to see it. That’s partly because we’ve been busy getting settled in, partly because of holidays, and partly because we were waiting for a vintage sofa we bought to be reupholstered and delivered.

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Our UWS Apartment – Before We Moved in

As many of you may have heard by now, we have moved. It’s been about 3 1/2 months now. Time goes so quickly. We lived in our previous place for 5 years and, although we loved it, we were ready for a change – no walking up flights of stairs to take Romeo in and out, and more space. Plus, our landlord was raising our rent about 8%. We figured it was time to at least see what was out there and how good of a deal we had or didn’t have.

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