RuPaul’s Drag Race V – The Ru Roast and Midseason Thoughts

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I’ve enjoyed Rupaul’s Drag Race from its inception. It’s one of the few shows that’s kind of customized for a gay audience, although loved by straight people as well. Season V, however, has not engaged me like other seasons have. Don’t get me wrong. I still love watching every week but I haven’t really fallen in love with any of the queens like I did Sharon and Latrice in Season IV, Raja and Manilla in Season III and Raven and JuJu in Season II.

I can’t recall any incredibly unique looks thus far this season (other than when Ivy Winters came out on stilts) but I can recall them from previous seasons – even though some were from years ago. I’ve always said that it takes getting half way through the season to really start appreciating Ru’s girls, but the aforementioned queens were stars from the start of their respective seasons.

[Note: Spoilers if you haven’t seen The Ru Roast Episode]

So who are my current favorites? I’ve written a few sentences about each remaining queen, starting with my favorite, Jinx Monsoon. The rest are listed in my order of preference.

Jinx Monsoon



I was very excited about Jinx when they were all introduced online but she didn’t really shine in the first few episodes. Since Snatch Game, however, she’s really shown off her talent. She’s consistently been given a hard time (especially from Michelle Visage) for not having glamorous enough “looks”. But what she arguably may lack in fashion sense, she makes up for in camp and wit, the most underrated qualities in a drag superstar. I hope Jinx takes the crown.



Alaska is funny, witty, and has a promising schtick as trailer-park drag queen. She could have played Nicole Kidman in The Paper Boy.

Alyssa Edwards


As our friend (“Charlita”) said, Alyssa is in real life what Alaska is going for in her drag persona. She is by far the most entertaining queen on the show with respect to hand and facial gestures. She’s growing on me with each passing episode.

Ivy Winters


Ivy’s got a lot of promise. She’s a talented seamstress and has a great personality, but somehow she really hasn’t found herself yet in the competition. She hasn’t really got that “it” factor, but I like her nonetheless and hope she is the dark horse that surprises us all. Cute as a guy too!



Although I think Detox will likely end up in the top 4, I’m not convinced by her. All of her admitted plastic surgery has made her look more freakish than interesting. She’s neither cute as a guy, nor beautiful as a woman. She can be funny and is somewhat of a free-spirit in the work room, but certainly not one of my favorites.

Roxxxy Andrews


I honestly don’t understand why Roxxxy has consistently gotten such high marks from Ru and the other judges thus far throughout this season. I liked her more at the beginning because I thought she could be a candidate for Miss Congeniality, but her bitchiness during the past few episodes has squelched that. To me, she’s very “regional”, a term Ru would often use to refer to Alexis Matteo, who is also from Florida. The wig underneath a wig for this week’s lip lync was kinda great, but overall, I just don’t see it. And that sob story conveniently happening at the end of the lip sync was calculated and transparent. I’m sure she’s had a rough life, but so have most drag queens. Her looks often remind me of a tamed-down version of Shannel. I’d rather have the real thing.

Coco Montrese


Busted to the nth degree (although her roast was pretty great). We are all so tired of seeing your contacts change color as you bitch and  complain about Alyssa and walk out on the runway in the most busted looks I’ve seen since India Ferrah. Good riddance.

The Ru Roast


One of the funniest and best episodes of the season was The Ru Roast. The queens had to roast Ru, the judges, and each other. It was great to see Ru having such a laugh. This proved to be a tough challenge and resulted in hilarity and some major stumbles (mainly Roxy and Alyssa).

Art by Chad Sell

The very talented artist Chad Sell did something really fun with his weekly drawings of the queens, specifically related to The Roast. Have a look. And remember, his art is for sale!


Here are the recaps I enjoy the most. More in the tweets below.

Tom & Lorenzo –  Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Drag Queens (great, witty observations, fun screenshots)

AV Club – RuPaul Roast (The best thing about this one is that they list all the one liners – the “reads” and jokes)

Queerty – Mock Me on the Dais (Great observations and “awards”)






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