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Ten years have passed since David Bowie’s last album and most people didn’t expect another one. He’d had a heart attack after making ‘Reality’ and had largely retreated from the public eye. To everyone’s great surprise, he announced on his birthday of this year (after keeping it a secret), that he would release a new album entitled ‘The Next Day’ within a month. Keeping a new album under wraps is no small feat, especially with an artist of Bowie’s magnitude.

Itunes streamed the album leading up to its release yesterday. I’ve listened to it about 3 times and have to say I’m impressed. And so are the critics. It’s scored an 85 on Metacritic thus far, and I’m sure not all the reviews are in yet.

One of my favorite reviews is from The Atlantic who said:

The Next Day makes for a fascinating, expectations-defying comeback.

Below are the first 2 videos from the album, both excellent and completely different from one another. In ‘Where Are We Now?’, one of the few slow songs on the album, he seems to be an observer of his own creative process, as you’ll see in this compelling video.

In ‘The Stars Are Out Tonight,’ he and Tilda Swinton brilliantly play an old married couple constantly reminded of their younger selves in what turns out to be a captivating mini film.

I’m  listening to all of Bowie’s work on Spotify, and you can too if you’re interested. Here’s ‘The Next Day’:



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