Our UWS Apartment – After 4 Months

Living Room from Grey Sofa

I haven’t been super motivated to blog and put photos up of our new place, even though a lot of people have been asking to see it. That’s partly because we’ve been busy getting settled in, partly because of holidays, and partly because we were waiting for a vintage sofa we bought to be reupholstered and delivered.

The sofa was a process, which involved choosing a fabric, waiting for the fabric to be woven, getting the sofa delivered to the upholsterer, and finally getting it delivered to us. In the end, it was worth it. We’re very happy with it and the fabric, which we owe a huge thanks to our friends Orlando and Douglas for helping us get the fabric and choose it. Now we have a really interesting 50’s piece that isn’t something you’ll see everywhere. The color fits really well with the overall color scheme of the apartment, a combination of greys, red, blues, black, and white. All of this coordinating happened because our friend Douglas helped so much with picking colors. We still have an old chair (in bad shape) that we have to either sell or redo; we’re tending toward the former because of the state of the chrome. This is what the sofa looked like when we bought it.

If you haven’t seen the apartment before you moved in, you should read that first.

Here are the photos of mostly the living room and some of the kitchen. Bedroom and hallways to come.

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  • http://xbora.me/ Bora Celik

    Looks awesome John. What a transformation!

    • http://www.JohnVasko.com jvasko

      Thanks Bora. We’re very excited about it..

      *John Vasko*