Winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 4 Speaks out on EW

Well, by the time this post is published, the West Coast will know the winner of Season 4 of Ru Paul‘s Drag Race. If you ask any of my friends, there was one clear choice for winner from the very beginning.









The Reunion Show was the most produced it’s ever been since the show started 4 years ago but with that production came a rather stiff and scripted beginning. It seemed as though the first 3 queens interviewed were told exactly what to say and when to say it.

It wasn’t until the top 3 (Phi Phi O’hara, Sharon Needles, and Chad Michaels) came out that things started to get interesting. Phi Phi finally got a much deserved lashing, which I would have preferred to go on an extra 5 minutes. It seemed as though those who didn’t like her (most), felt even more strongly after watching the show at home.

Ru apparently made the decision to hold the announcement of the winner until the reunion because last year’s Raja’s winning was leaked (supposedly midway through the season). I get the reason for doing this but if you’re going to wait to announce the winner, why not do a live reunion? Sharon apparently agreed and said so much in her interview with EW:

I was a little disappointed in the producers’ decision not to do it live because I’m a firm believer in documenting the truth.

I don’t fault Ru Paul for not doing a live show. I’m sure it came down to production budgets. Even though the show has done a lot for logo, I guess it hasn’t reach that level yet. Instead, they filmed 3 endings, one with each of the queens winning. Although Sharon’s reaction was great and I loved the “Happy Halloween” answer to Ru Paul’s asking her if she had anything to say, I would have much preferred a real reaction.

I would have loved to have documented how ugly I would have become in the fit of emotion with that crown.

All in all though, it was a great reunion and fun to see the queens all together. I just wish we had known the winner was going to be announced at the reunion rather than finding out at the end of the Season 4 Finale. Here are my thoughts on that.

Read the entire EW interview with Sharon Needles where she discusses the design of her gown, her thoughts on Phi Phi and Phi Phi bashing, what she really thinks of Willam and her elimination, Latrice’s comment about her, her regret(s) about the season and what cause she’d like to pursue.

Read the EW Interview


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