Oberhofer Gets Me Goin’ Again

I’m back. The last time I posted anything here was January 2 of this year. I doubt anyone noticed my absence with the thousands of Facebook news feeds and twitter feeds that have passed by the eyes of many over the past 4 months. This year I’ll be concentrating most of my posts on music and entertainment for nothing more than to keep a journal of what I’ve been obsessing with in pop culture. I will, however, post occasionally about travel, etc.

What got me going again? Well, music of course. I’ve got a lot to talk about as I’ve listened to a ton of new stuff over the past four months. I can’t keep up with every new band (nor would I want to) but the other day while listening to the third hour of KCRW‘s Morning Becomes Eclectic, I was quite taken with the in-studio performance by Oberhofer, who performed about 4 or 5 tracks from their debut Time Capsules II (I haven’t seen a one!).










The band’s name is also the last name of the Tacoma, WA born lead singer, Brad Oberhofer, who apparently now lives in Brooklyn. Their fresh sound makes me think back to the way I felt the first time I heard The Strokes early in the decade. The album, mostly consists of somewhat high-energy, sonically-positive songs that can be quite sad lyrically. While I love the tracks that are all over the Internet like “Away Frm U” and “I Could Go”, perhaps my favorite is “Cruising FDR”, just because it’s so NY centric. Watch the KCRW in-studio performance.

And, if you’re on spotify, you can play the album below:

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