Is It Ru Paul’s Drag Race or Ruse Paul’s Drag Race?

After watching last week’s Season 4 “Finale” of Ru Pauls Drag Race, I had to ask myself the question “Should the reality competition we love so much be called Ruse Pauls Drag Race instead?

There’s a fine line between a twist and to tease and play with a loyal audience to the point of irritation. Season 3 had Shangela coming back for a second time and Carmen Carerra being brought back for one episode because she was a favorite of the judges. We repeated the ‘bring back’ this season with the fishy Kenya Michaels, which was a fun and reasonable surprise. Then there was the ousting of Willam for reasons that will not be revealed until the reunion. This is where the fun turned into irritation.

Seeing Phi Phi in the top 3 was a mistake. It feels like the bitch was being kept around because she ‘made for good television’. This argument only works for so long. The number of negative comments about Phi Phi will do more harm to her in the end than the few additional fans she’ll gain by being on for a few extra weeks.

But getting to the end of the Season 4 Finale, watching all of them lipsync, and then being told that we have to wait another week to find out the winner because it was “too close” for Ru to call? Give me a break!

Ru, let’s face it. This time YOU F$&@(K UP! And you better get it together for the finale.

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Author: John Vasko

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