My 2011 (and a bit of 2010) in a Flash…



Pummelvision is a cool program that creates a video based on photos you’ve got online. You can choose photos from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, and others. It automatically creates a video and uploads it to either your Youtube or Vimeo account for private or public viewing.

You can choose the most recent 2,000 photos or specific sets on Flickr but unfortunately not multiple sets. With Facebook you can select your uploads, photos you’re tagged in, or specific albums but not multiple albums.

The result is wild journey through your online photo life. You can set them to appear in chronological order to really put your year in perspective. There is a choice between 2 songs, one by and the other, Mos Def.

First, I chose the most recent 2,000 photo option for Flickr, which did show a bit of 2010 at the beginning of the video. Then I choose my uploads on Facebook, which will definitely show previous years. If you do one of these videos, you can no longer give your friends a hard time for not looking at all of your photos because it will take them less than 5 minutes to look at 2,000! Below you can check out my Pummelvision for 2011 or check out last year’s.

Author: John Vasko

I’m an Internet and Social Media Media Enthusiast always trying to keep up with what’s news or what’s new in technology. On this personal blog, you'll find music reviews, photos, weird or tacky things I found online, and lifestreaming.