Our Hawaiian Adventure [video]

Adi and I are so lucky to have been able to visit Hawaii, largely due to a professional conference he had on The Big Island. It had always been a dream of mine to visit Hawaii but because of the distance and cost I didn’t think it was in my immediate future. But with the help of his conference, lots of Continental miles for the flights, American miles for one hotel, and good planning, we enjoyed a fantastic and long (for us) adventure.

We went to three islands – Oahu for 3 days, the Big Island for 5 days, and Kauai for 4. We enjoyed the fantastic rain-a-bit, shin-a-lot Hawaiian climate, never really having to use the air conditioning much. Driving was a huge component of our trip on all the islands. I’ll recap individual bits of our trip on other posts but first, a quick 4-minute video showing you the highlights of our trip, soundtrack provided by Friendly Fires (one of my favorite bands) doing their fitting single “Hawaiian Air”

Author: John Vasko

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