Lovin’ You is Easy Cuz You’re Beautiful [2011]


Yesterday we were reading an article in the New York Times about Maya Rudolph and her new show, Up all Night. It mentioned that her mother was the late (and missed) Minnie Riperton, who sang on of the most memorable and odd songs ever recorded, ‘Lovin’ You.’ As a kid I was always so impressed as to how someone could sing notes so high.

Later that evening I discovered this amazing new app for the iPhone and iPad that is loads of fun. It’s called MadPad. With it, we created our version of ‘Lovin’ You’ sitting on our sofa with Romeo. Here is the result:

The app is $.99 for the iPhone and $2.99 for the iPad and I highly encourage you to just get it. If you’re down, it will certainly lift your mood. Watch these fantastic MadPad creations—House Blend, Twist & Shout, and Beat It—all of which are great demonstrations of the app.

Just got sent this amazing version of Lovin’ You by The Orb:

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