Washed Out’s ‘Eyes Be Closed’ vs. Moby’s Porcelain


From the moment I heard ‘Eyes Be Closed’, the first track on the debut album by Georgia chillwave artist Washed Out, I knew it sounded familiar. After listening a few times, it hit me. Moby‘s Porcelain. The songs are similar in feel. See what you think:

Washed Out – “Eyes Be Closed”

Eyes Be Closed

washed outMyspace Video

Moby’s Porcelain:

Washed out is Earnest Greene and he’s created a great return to chill music without sounding dated. The album, titled ‘Within and Without’ is a grower and great to listen to while driving one the open road—with the volume high—or at night, relaxing at home.

And Earnest is easy on the eyes as well. This video done by Adult Swim give you a peak into his personality, which seems to be as easy going as his music.

Washed out in Georgia with Adult Swim:

Author: John Vasko

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