Spotify is Changing My Life


Spotify‘s been out for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t been able to stump it yet. So far, everything I’ve looked for on it – with the exception of albums that have not been released yet – I’ve found.

I’ve been told that Grooveshark‘s selection of music is just as good as Spotify’s and it’s also supposed to be free. Perhaps when Spotify starts enforcing its 20 hours per month limit for free, I’ll open up a Grooveshark account. The social aspects of Spotify are one of the things that make it so amazing. Just drag tracks to someone’s Facebook avatar and then it shows up in their inbox to listen to.

So far I’ve listened to the entire Mercury Prize shortlist for 2011 with the exception of Adele, which I’ve already heard multiple times before anyway.

Do I think it will stop me from buying what I want? Absolutely not. I still like to own actual .mp3s of the stuff I like the most. But it will certainly help me appreciate more music than I have in the past, and without having to search to hear it.

Pogue did a great review of the service on the NY Times.

Online Music, Unshackled

Published: July 27, 2011
This month, via Spotify, the music world took a great step forward toward the holy grail of a free, legal, song-specific and convenient service.

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