Fotobabble Used My Slide show to Promote This Feature


Fotobabble is an application that allows you to add voice to your photos. I’ve used it since it was first released and love it, especially for tailored birthday and holiday greetings. They have apps for the iPhone, Android, but you can also create fotobabbles directly from their site

They recently released a new slide show feature, which is super easy to use. You simply add a common tag and a number to each fotobabble, search for the common tag, and the slide show code will appear for you to embed in your side, tweet out, post on Facebook, or just watch right on Fotobabble. I definitely encourage you to try it.

Well I was very surprised and happy that they used my slide show to promote their new feature in an e-mail newsletter they sent out to users/fans of the application!

I originally did the slide show for my post on San Francisco, but you can also see it below.

Author: John Vasko

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  • Zoe

    We’re the ones who are fortunate–thrilled!–to have such impeccable content for the website!  Thanks for your continued support.  Keep in touch with your feedback, suggestions, and hopes for Fotobabble products in the future!  support[at]fotobabble[dot]com  

    All the best,
    Zoe from Fotobabble.