We had a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend in Maryland [photos]


Thanks to the lovely hospitality of Xerxes Spencer and Eric James, we had a great 2 days of fun in the DC area. It was great to spend the weekend with Narges, Marc, Cyrus, Zane, and even Vincent in a different location than the NYC area. And great to see Jamshed as always. Not many of my photos turned out great so I’m hoping to see some good ones on Facebook, etc. but there were a few good ones.

Here we were all out to dinner at Bangkok Joe’s in Georgetown:

And here we all are with a fake river background behind us!

Here’s Dinner on Sunday Night Before Leaving:

Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD, provided me another opportunity to test out my Hipstamatic. I love this shot:

Flower at Brookside Gardens

When I needed a little ZEN, I just walked outside and watched this (in person of course):

Thanks to Jamshed’s great driving, we made it back to Trenton safely and in great time. We did have to wait a bit for the next train (since they’re an hour a part at this time of night) but it wasn’t bad. There was this to look at on the train:

NJ Transit Memorial DaY eVE

Adi lights up like a rainbow when he’s tired:

We were grateful to see the main NYC post office and that cab line after our 1:35 a.m. arrival at Penn Station:

Here’s the flickr slideshow (Non Hipstamatic):

And here’s the Hipstamatic flickr slideshow Mostly Brookside Gardens:

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