Muir Woods and Silicon Valley Sites through the Hipstamatic Lens [Photos]


I had a great time with Adi in San Francisco in May. Thursday and Friday I spent mostly on my own during the days. Saturday, we went to Muir woods and Napa and Sunday was in Silicon Valley. I took photos every day and you can see them on the links above. In Muir Woods and Silicon Valley, I also took a lot of Hipstamatic photos.

Someday I want to take photography more seriously and actually get a DSLR camera. But even after I do this (sometime this year, I hope), I think I’ll still enjoy the fun and sometimes beautiful shots that my Hipstamatic iPhone app takes. There are a ton of apps that allow you to add effects on photos but the Hipstamatic is the only one that adds the effects via a series of lenses, films, and flashes that can be adjusted on the camera app itself.

Who Knew Redwoods Could be So Hip?

Some people are addicted to games like Angry Birds and Farmville. Hipstamatic has been my digital addiction and I don’t see it ceasing anytime soon!

I captured several shots in Muir Woods and Silicon Valley with my Hipstamatic. Here are some of the highlights. This next one is one of my favorites. See it large.

A Touch of Green in a Sea of Purple in Muir Woods

Look at this fantastic clover I found in Muir Woods. See large size.

I love the white one in the middle.

The next day while touring Silicon Valley area with Rashmi, I took some great shots. I especially love the ones I took at Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Hanna House. See large size. You can see more of these in the slideshow at the bottom of the post.

Hip Hanna House

Here are some Hip Wildflowers (large):

I Love Wild Flowers.

Look at this Vintage Dodge in Burlingame (large):

And here’s the entire flickr slideshow of my fun with Hipstamatic while in San Francisco:

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