The Bay Area is a Stunner [Photos]


Maybe it was just that we caught it at just the right time, weather-wise. Everything always looks brighter, better, and greener when you’re on vacation, right? The truth is that everything is always brighter in California. You can see more of this in my posts on Day 1 and Day 2. We left rain in New York and we returned to even more rain, a full week of it in fact.

Whatever my weather complaints are (and we all know that there will always be some), we had breathtakingly beautiful weather, views, and scenery while in California. And the day we visited Burlingame and Palo Alto was the most spectacular. We have to thank our Rashmi Aunty for providing so great a tour of the area. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Me and Rashmi Aunty

After Adi and I toured a bit of Pacific Heights and worked our way (in a cab) around the participants in the annual Bay to Breakers race, we milled around the Embarcadero area a bit before Rashmi picked us up. The recently revitalized Ferry Terminal and Bay Bridge looked fantastic in the sunshine. I especially love the way it reflects in the puddle of water.

Ferry Terminal Reflection in Puddle

We drove down to Rashmi Aunty’s apartment in Burlingame, had some lovely afternoon fresh fruit, and then headed out for a tour that involved a lot of vistas. We eventually worked our way down to see the Stanford Campus, which is really gorgeous. This is a shot of the William Gates Building of Computer Science. Lots of big names on this campus.

William Gates Building Stanford

We drove through the vast area of campus housing that included homes, mostly occupied by professors. The land is always owned by the university but the properties can be bought and sold to incoming and outgoing faculty and employees. Cheaper than buying a home with the land but expensive nonetheless.

Amongst these great homes is Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Hanna House. I love this, whatever it is—bird water feeder?

We also spent a bit of time driving on Skyline Drive, taking in some amazing views, including the Standford Tower, in the distance.

View of Stanford Tower from Skyline Drive

And of course we saw some many examples of one of my favorite signs, the California Scenic Drive sign. Despite all of its economic woes and screwed up proposition-crazed government, California still rules when it comes to its scenic routes.

Scenic Route Sign

The worst thing about having this great day touring around The Bay Area with Rashmi was knowing that we had a Delta red-eye flight ahead of us. I would like to say that all this stunning scenery was worth it, and I will say that. But I’ll also say that I’ll NEVER take another red-eye in the future!

Bay Area Day 4 Slideshow:

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