Muir Woods and Napa in a Day…[Photos]


This is the second of 3 posts dedicated to our recent trip to the San Francisco Bay Area. The first post showed off our first 2 days in the city. On Saturday, we rented a car and got out of the city. First stop. Muir Woods.

Adi and John in Muir Woods

I’ve been to Muir Woods 3 or 4 times in my life but this is the first time with Adi. It’s definitely one of those places that no matter how many times you visit, you never get tired of it.

It was a bit crowded the Saturday we went but we managed to enjoy its beauty as if we were the only ones there. When you see these GIANT Redwood trees, everything in your life seems to get put into perspective.

Adi in Muir Woods

Here’s a bit of video:

After spending the morning in Muir Woods, we headed off to the wine country. We couldn’t decided whether to go to Sonoma or Napa and we only wanted to go to one since we only had a half day. Given that most of the vineyards in Napa now charge for tastings (because they can), we didn’t drink that much wine. That was probably a good thing since I was going to be driving back to San Francisco.

And I didn’t want to be falling asleep at the wheel. So we took in a few sips at Sutter Home and then just drove around the valley. It was a cold and somewhat damp day, but I could see that this place would be an amazing place to spend a few days. At a spa or a secluded house, doing tastings in the early afternoon, followed by a nap. Something to plan for in the future.

John and Adi in Napa

After a few hours in Napa and lunch at a mom and pop Greek restaurant (which was Yelp recommended and great), we headed back to San Francisco by way of the East Bay. We stopped in Berkeley and drove around the campus a bit, reaching there at the same time as the ending of the graduation ceremony.

Here’s a slideshow from our day in Napa and Muir Woods:

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