My Couple of Days in San Francisco [Photos]


Apologies to anyone we know in the San Francisco Bay area that we didn’t get in touch with ahead of our stay. We spent most of our time either with Adi’s conference colleagues, his family, or just the two of us. We had a great time and enjoyed a couple of days in the city itself, a day in Muir Woods and Napa, and a day with his Aunty in areas south of the city. We were very lucky with weather, experiencing mostly cool sunshine. The day north of the city was a bit cold.

I’ve put together photos in a few posts. This post reflects my wanderings in the city, mostly when Adi was busy with his conference. I concentrated on non-tourist areas and mostly flatter areas of the city.

Here are a few of my favorite photo memories of the city:

View of San Francisco from Hill between Noe Valley and Castro

After spending some time in Noe Valley, I headed down the hill to The Castro, the gayest neighborhood I’ve ever been to. Many New York neighborhoods probably have many more gay people in them but I haven’t seen many neighborhoods that celebrate GAY as much and as well as The Castro.

What a fantastic view of the rainbow flag and The Castro sign from Castro Street.

On the second day, I went to the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s filled with very high end shoe stores, clothing stores, furniture stores, and boutiques. They’re all specialty and unique designer shops. I didn’t recall seeing any chain stores in this area that really didn’t exist in its current state the last time I was in San Francisco. The earthquake in ’89 collapsed the end of a freeway that ran up into the heart of this areas.

It was never rebuilt and crack houses that once existed were slowly replaced with shops and restaurants. All of the goods were a bit expensive for my taste, but good quality. This bakery looked so great on this really sunny but cool day. And it seemed to be doing a great business.

French Bakery in Hayes Valley, San Francisco

Patricia Hayes Green is the park that replaced the end of the freeway. “Ecstasy”, the metal sculpture pictured below, will be on exhibition in this park through October of 2011. You can read more about it at

It’s amazing in that it looks so different depending on which direction you view it from. It’s part of a larger exhibit called Crude Awakening.

After Hayes Valley, I went to The Mission on my second day in San Francisco. There, I went to a great Peruvian restaurant for lunch, and walked through a ton of vintage shops for clothing and furniture. I also had one of the best cafe lattes I’ve ever had in my life. I put together a couple of different types of slideshows, recapping my time in the city during these days.

The first is done using a new feature of a site/app I love called Fotobabble, which allows you to couple your voice with photos before sharing them with people. They now allow you to capture a string of these photos together in a slideshow.

You don’t see the photos very large, which is not a great aspect of the new feature, but it’s fun nonetheless.

And here are my flickr galleries from these first couple of days in San Francisco. Feel free to watch them in full view.

San Francisco, Day 1:

And here’s the second day of my wandering through Hayes Valley and The Mission.

San Francisco, Day 2:

One of my favorite photos was the one I took right before entering The Mission District’s Bart Station. Such a colorful place. It was here I thought how much I would love it if we could import California’s blue sky to New York, knowing full well that there are many days when this same scene would be shrouded in fog.

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