Amazing Photo from Glee’s Season 2 Finale Show


My partner Adi alerted me the day Glee was filming their Season 2 finale live at Lincoln Center. I met up with him and my friend Douglas Clark, who took this amazing photo. We weren’t allowed to get to close because of security so this came out great, considering it was take from inside Avery Fisher Hall. You can click on the image or here to see it full screen.

I especially love seeing Santana, arm stretched up and hair in motion. The Season 2 finale for Glee airs tonight on Fox at 8pm EST. It’ll be sad to say goodbye to the kids from William McKinley High until next fall (and believe me, I’m not looking forward to fall after the winter and horrible spring we’ve had).

Glee is by far my favorite show on television and it’s fantastic to see an American show on network television deal with the subjects of gay love, sexual identities, bullying, and homophobia, as well as they do. It will be interesting to see how and if the show matures. So many times American series milk something until its dry to eek out every last micro-impression of advertising, rather than calling it a day when it’s still good. I think that in order for the show to be viable beyond 4 seasons, it will need to shake things up a little bit.

  • Firstly, Sue Sylvester, as much as I love her, has to become multi-dimensional rather than 1.5 dimensional (mostly mean, occasionally showing her soft spots-as she did in “Funeral”). Although they write wonderfully for her, I don’t think viewers can take another year of her plotting against Will Schuster’s Glee Club.
  • Secondly, they need to graduate some of the members of the club and bring in new people. It will be sad to say goodbye to the likes of Rachel and Finn but if they bring in strong people, we will survive.
  • Thirdly, give Will Schuster a regular sex partner. My friends would just love to see him cast in some Broadway show and never appear on Glee again. I would be happy if he and the guidance counselor just starting boinking like normal human beings.
  • Fourthly, Give us more of Coach Beast. She’s the best.
  • Finally, send Jonathan Groff who plays Jesse St. James off to pasture. He look way too old to be in college or someone who was recently in a Glee club. His romance with Rachel is simply not believable because he looks so much older.

Farewell Gleeks until next year!

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Author: John Vasko

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  • Kristen

    Agree with all your bullets! I’ll be surprised if the next season will be as good as this one – feels like they’ve touched on near every relevant HS topic thus far.

    • jvasko

      Thanks for the comment KER! I thought about adding another one saying “No
      more Holly Holiday” but I don’t mind her. Although I don’t think they’ll
      bring her back. J

  • Thursbreakhearts

    I honestly don’t like these new couples. Puck and Lauren, and now Mercedes and Sam… They’re just not believable or realistic. And what happened to Santana being a bitch? Now she’s a lesbian, or bi-sexual or whatever. I just don’t like these things. I would be fine if Will left, I was never a big fan of his character. I miss Britney’s mindless one-liners. Her new found fashion trend is cute, but not they character I loved. I do like that they brought Kurt back to McKinley.

    • John Vasko

      Thanks for the comment Thursbreakhearts. I’m glad they’re giving Mercedes a boyfriend, although I don’t think Sam is the right one. Santana’s still got her bitchy side, I think. I kind of thought the the finale was not terribly interesting. They tied stuff up nicely but the overall show was a little dull. Location-based shows usually are like that though.