How I Met the Legendary Drag Queen RAJA at DDCLAB in New York City

Me and Sutan Amrull - RAJA!

How lucky am I to have been able to meet Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 3 finalist and legendary makeup artist, Sutan Amrull—also known as RAJA, just three days before the season finale of the show.

Peter, Orlando, Adi, and Douglas

Thanks to my friend Douglas Clark and his friend Peter Valcarcel, my partner Adi and another friend, Orlando, were invited to a really fun and very NYC event.

Me and Adi

The event was to show off the Eggcream Collection—designs by Dawn Han of Hong Kong. The Eggcream Collection is a fresh look of essentials, boldly worn by day and by night. You can

check out Dawn’s designs on her site.

It took place at the chic downtown NYC boutique DDCCLUB, known for featuring their own edgy brand, along with designers like Dawn Han. I often don’t find trendy Meatpacking District boutiques very accessible but DDCCLUB was a very friendly place and had an eclectic mix of women’s and men’s fashion. Easy to shop in for locals and tourists.

But the main reason my friends and I were there was to see RAJA. Who knew whether she would actually show up during the scheduled time? But she did, and she looked fierce and fabulous—all 6 feet + of her (not counting the heels)!

RAJA (Sutan Amrull) with Designer Dawn Han and Models

I’m not usually so forward with celebrities, but the atmosphere was casual enough that I felt confident enough to introduce myself and even ask for a photo. We even chatted a bit with her and her friends—Jake and hair-and-makeup-stylist Phoenix Golden—shown in the photos below. Raja looked stunning in person and was very approachable and friendly.

Even if you’re not a fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, I highly encourage you to check out her site. It’s and features a lot of her best looks and some amazing photography.

Sutan Amrull (Raja) had a huge career before Ru Paul’s Drag Race. If you’ve ever watched America’s Next Top model, you would have been exposed to Sutan Amrull’s work as a makeup artist. In addition to Tyra Banks, Sutan has worked on Dita von Teese, Pamela Anderson, Paulina Porizkova, Iman, Twiggy, and Adam Lambert.

More Fierce Photos of RAJA and the Event:

I’m hoping to see more of RAJA on television or via any medium. She is one fierce Heather!

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  • Peter Valcarcel

    Great posting John…and by the way Raja is gonig to win tomorrow!

    • jvasko

      I hope you’re right Peter!