Top Watched Video on Youtube of 2010

Bed Intruder Song

Removing major-label music videos, the most watched video on Youtube is called “The Bed Intruder Song”. It was born from the unfortunate incident of attempted sexual assault of the sister of Antoine Dodson, who is featured in the video. He’s speaking out against the crime perpetrated against his sister. According to Mashable:

So why did the “Bed Intruder” meme take off so fast? “It moves people with laughter, anger, compassion, etc., in ways that inspire them to respond with their own creativity,” suggests Dodson. He believes the meme has helped bring the serious issues behind the original interview to light.

“The cause behind the Bed Intruder event — attempted sexual assault — is a topic that is generally very hard for people to discuss openly. Bed Intruder has aired out a difficult experience and brought light and laughter to many people. Many of my fans write that I have helped them so much by talking openly about sexual abuse and assault.

Bed Intruder is now a song available on iTunes. Here’s the video:

Here is the original news report the song is based on:

What do you think? If this brings more awareness to a subject that’s often brushed under the rug, do you think it’s good?

Author: John Vasko

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