Stumbling Towards Meryl on Ice, Julian Assange, and Cat Cuisine


It seems like the very year I would have thought Saturday Night Live would have gone down hill, it seems to have renewed itself. In recent years, it’s only been 2, maybe 3 skits that really make me laugh on any given show. But this year, it’s closer to 4 or 5. The hosts have been funny, Anne Hathaway among the best, although the musical guests could be better. Paul McCartney was great this past weekend and it was fantastic to hear some Wings songs, but overall, I think they stay way to safe with their guests. Where’s Robyn? Where’s Janelle Monae? Gorillaz, anyone?

Four of my favorites of this week, in addition to Stefon, are Meryl on Ice (at Madison Square Garden), the Julian Assange done by Bill Hader, the Cat Cuisine commercial, and the “9-to-5 Stumblin’ Digital Short”, which unfortunately I couldn’t find to post. Maybe in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy:

“Meryl” on Ice at MSG:

“Oh… Stop it”

Feline Culinary Creations…makes you want to eat cat food!?

A Message from Mastercard:

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  • Damun Vidoz

    THat was funny! Thanks!

    • jvasko

      I figured you’d like that one. I was really laughing when I saw it the first
      time. xo J