Top Ten Songs of 2010


2010 was another great year for music. I’ve compiled my top ten songs of the year. Not all of them were “singles” released by the artist but if they weren’t, they might as well have been based on the number of times I played them alone! Enjoy my top ten songs and when you’re finished, check out The Best of the Rest of 2010.

10. LCD Sound System – All I Want

James Murphy’s LCD Sound System created an amazing collection of songs with the album “This is Happening” My favorite song on the album is the Bowiesque “All I Want”:

Author: John Vasko

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  • vdoll

    how funny that warpaint opened for the xx, given that warpaint and the xx are my two new favorites! so lucky you got to see them together. thanks for introducing me to them…

    • jvasko

      You’re welcome Vdoll! What do you think of my list?

      • vdoll

        it’s a great list, but what happened to Florence & the Machine and the XX? how could they be omitted? (or was the xx from 2009?

        • jvasko

          The XX is from ’09 and while I like “Dog Days are Over”, it just didn’t make the cut.

          Overall though, I don’t really care much for Florence’s voice. The album grates on me if I try listening from start to finish. There are a couple of good singles on it though.

          John Vasko
          twitter: @johnvasko

          • vdoll

            I guess the effect of Florence on you is similar to Adele on me….but I love Florence’s voice, Adi must like it, no?

  • vdoll

    i love this video!

  • Bora

    Nice list John. We didn’t end up picking a common song this year. Here is my Top 42 of 2010. I made it a Youtube playlist: Say hi to Pavel from me.

    • jvasko

      Thanks for the comment. I’m listening to your playlist right now. I know
      most of it or have heard of most of the artists. Love the GA track. Heard
      that in the Nike Store and used Shazam to determine what it was. Had
      listened to the album but must not have been listening closely toward the
      end. Amazing track. Reminds me a lot of Bronski Beat…