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It’s not everyday that someone turns 90, especially when that someone is your mother. It’s a major milestone and to celebrate my mom flew to South Florida for her party and to stay with my sisters Patty and Debby through Christmas.

My Aunt Helen also flew down from New Jersey to celebrate with us. We took mom to a lovely lunch “on the Avenue” in Delray Beach on Friday and then Debby treated mom to an afternoon at the nail salon in preparation for a photo shoot at St. John’s Boutique the following day.

Friday afternoon, Patty, Adi, and I picked up my Aunt Helen at the airport. Later in the evening, we all got together at Debby and Sam’s place for a casual dinner.

Saturday, we went to the new Worth Avenue in Palm Beach and visited St. John’s, where my sister Debby works. She was able to organize a Christmas photo shoot for my mom and my aunt. We had lunch at lovely cafe outside prior to the photo shoot.

Here’s the video of the photo shoot:

Late Saturday afternoon Patty threw a party at her and Joe’s place. My mother had a great time visiting with friends and family, and especially spending time with her youngest great grandchild, Annalise Lauar. Here’s a short video of us singing Happy Birthday to her (apologies for the  bad lighting in the video):

Patty and I gave my mom a Kindle so she could read with the luxury of:


Debby stole a picture from my mom’s house so that she could have it re-framed. It had always been one of my mom’s favorites. Mom guessed what it was (because of the frame). Here’s a (dark and wobbly) video of her opening this gift:

My mom put together an individualized biography of her life for each of her children. She spent quite a bit of time on this amazing gift that will be cherished by all of us forever. Our brother Jim received his book during a previous visit with my mom but she gave us ours at her party.

Check out the photos from My Mom’s Weekend:

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  • Kristen

    John, please bring your mom’s bio when you come over. I’d love to see it!