Scissor Sisters Don’t Disappoint at Terminal 5

Metromix NY Photos of Scissor Sisters at Terminal 5

I first saw the Scissor Sisters back at Fez Lounge on Great Jones street before they cam out with their debut album. I enjoyed that show but never would have predicted the success they achieved in the UK and Europe with their debut. Although they’re American, their UK stadium-sized success never translated on our shores. I think our masses don’t get quite as exuberant about very campy bands as the British do. Despite this, Scissor Sisters have developed a solid fan base across the U.S. and especially in big cities like NY, LA, and SF.

I’m not as entranced by Night Work as I am by their debut and Ta-Dah but there are definitely some catchy songs, many of which they played last night at Terminal 5. Metromix replied to my Fourquare check-in tweet with a link to some photos from the evening. This was a great thing since my camera battery had died!

Click here on on the image below to see the photos:

Metromix NY Photos of Scissor Sisters at Terminal 5

Videos of Scissor Sisters at Terminal 5:

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  • Scott Spiegel

    I want Jake Shears' body.

  • jvasko

    He seems to have pumped it up quite a bit since the last time we saw them.
    Also, I told Adi: “What a wonderful way to keep a hot body. Have talent and
    be able to jump around on stage constantly – every night. There's your