Don’t Regret. Boycott Target.


Now it’s not just gays, lesbians, and non-hating Americans who are angry about Target’s donating $150,000 to hate-mongering politicians.

Now money is involved.


The shareholders (for both Target and Best Buy–they gave $100k to the same politician–have official spoken, as reported by

Last night, three socially responsible investment firms — Walden Asset Management, Trillium Asset Management Corporation, and Calvert Asset Management Company — issued a press release saying that shareholders of both Target and Best Buy are introducing resolutions to address the controversial donation that both companies made to support a vehemently anti-gay candidate, Tom Emmer, in Minnesota.

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source: Boycott Target Facebook Page

I haven’t spent too much time thinking about Target recently until I saw the double-decker tourist buses here in New York promoting the opening of their new East Harlem store. That will be a fun day. Let’s hope for the company’s sake they do something about their hateful CEO before that store opens.

This is very unfortunate for the thousands of Target employees who do not support their corporation’s political ways. And for those of you who think that Target was gay-friendly before this debacle—with its sexy, cutsy gay marketing—are wrong. I recently read that Target’s Anti-Gay Political Donations Are Not Actually New: A History Lesson.

I was also shocked to read (on Forbes) what conservative Charlie Weaver referred to what gays and lesbians are doing (with the boycott):

Charlie Weaver, a leader of a political organization supporting a conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota, said the pressure from gays and liberal organizations on Target amounts to “thuggery.”

Thuggery? Really?

Okay, here’s the definition of Thuggery:

violent or brutal acts as of thugs

Now here is what was said by Bradley Dean of Christian Rock group “You Can Run but You Can’t Hide”:

“Muslims are calling for the executions of homosexuals in America. This just shows you they themselves are upholding the laws that are even in the Bible of the Judeo-Christian God, but they seem to be more moral than even the American Christians do, because these people are livid about enforcing their laws. They know homosexuality is an abomination.”

Uh… Charlie, do you want to rethink the use of the word “THUGGERY” and who it applies to?

On a positive note, I’m pleased to say that there is a lot being done in support of the protest virally including the Boycott Target Until They Cease Funding Anti-Gay Politics Facebook Page.

They’ve posted some great information including:

  • CEO Gregg Steinhafel‘s direct number is 612.696.6234
  • Boycott e-mail address:
  • Contact phone number for Customer Relations: 612-696-3400
  • Contact e-mail for Customer Relations:

Also, someone started a “Cute Things I didn’t Buy at Target” Facebook Group.

What Can You Do (other than Boycott Target)?

  • Sign the Petition to Tell Target (and Best Buy) they can’t get away with this
  • Share this blog post and the petition on Facebook
  • LIKE the Boycott Target Facebook Page
  • Make the video “Target Ain’t People” (below) go viral by sharing it with everyone you know

Watch and Share “Target Ain’t People”:

(I’m sure Depeche Mode Would Agree)

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