Telephone-The Office Version Turns Gaga into Viral Marketer for Company Teambuilding

Lady Gaga Telephone Office Version Car Image

Telephone: The Office Version (sent to me by a friend) was created by a company called The Go Game who provides tailored games to companies to promote teambuilding, training, and more. They created this viral video to promote a new product they have called Company Quad. You can read more about The Go Game and Company Quad in my post entitled: Company Teambuilding Exercises—Go Game, Go Social and Go Gaga.

The rumor is that Gaga tweeted this video out herself!

The video is great. My favorite lines are:

Just a week
vacation and I know where I would be
Party in New Delhi
With our outsourced I.T.

Stop callin’, stop callin’,
I don’t wanna work any more
Passive aggressive micro managing manwhore
Stop callin’, stop callin’,
I don’t wanna troubleshoot for
The customers who bought online from our web store.


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