You’re a Homo – Parody of Gaga’s Alejandro by Sherry Vine


Parodies of Lady Gaga‘s Alejandro are numerous but “You’re a Homo” presented by misssherryvine is one of the only Gaga parodies I’ve seen that is politically charged and takes on closeted politicians. It was just sent to me by a friend who quickly spots these things. Sherry Vine sings the songs title “You’re a Homo” flanked by photos of four prominent republican politicians, Independent Governor Charlie Christ of Florida, Republican Congressman David Dreier of California, Former Republican Senator Larry Craig from Idaho, and Republican Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois. The video mistakenly states he’s an Independent. Despite this mistake and whether any of these people really are gay, it’s funny. Here’s the real Alejandro video.

“Then when you vote against me
from the capital in DC
can’t you see that you create
a world of hate”

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Author: John Vasko

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