St. Martin Trip and Photos

St. Martin Trip - At Happy Bay

This St. Martin trip was one of the few trips I’ve done ZERO research for. Except for making sure that we were choosing a place to stay that we all agreed on, I didn’t check any Web sites ahead of time to determine the best restaurants, beaches, anything. Thankfully, Adi did quite a bit of research so we experienced all the best beaches. Getting away to such a different atmosphere did me a lot of good, even if it was only for 5 nights. I certainly could have stayed there longer and done even more relaxing and eating great French food. We stayed at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort on the Dutch side, bordering the French side. The rooms, beach, and pool were all lovely. Were we to go to St. Martin again, we would stay on the French side, mainly because of the food. Also, we loved the beaches we experienced there. Here are the photos from our trip presented in an Animoto Video (lower resolution photos but fun) and a Flickr Slideshow (higher resolutions photos):

Animoto Video:

Flickr Slideshow:

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  • Bora

    Looks like a great trip. Love the animoto video and the music! :)

  • jvasko

    Thanks. It was a great trip. Hope things are going well for you in