Robyn is #killingme. What’s Killing You?

Robyn is not your average Swedish pop star but then again Sweeds aren’t usually average pop stars. Robyn busted out of any possible middle-of-the-road pop mediocrity her early work was associated with. Her breakout album Robyn in 2007 set the groundwork for Body Talk I with singles like Konichiwa Bitches. Body Talk I is the first of a series of 3 and if the first is any indication of what’s to come, we’re in for some fun. “Dancing on my Own” is the standout dancehall anthem and my favorite track on Body Talk I but an unlikely single is “Don’t Fucking Tell me What to Do”.

It starts of with Robyn repeating “My drinking is killing me”. She then moves to smoking, and e-mail, among other things that are “killing her”. We can all relate.

In a stroke of marketing genius, Robyn manages to market “Don’t Fucking Tell me What to Do” to the entire social media crowd in one fell swoop. On a page off of her Website, you’ll here the entire song with red, black and baby blue geometric shapes floating toward you along with the words the represent what’s “killing her”. But then comes the twist. Click the links on top right and you can add your own #killingme phrase, which you’ll then see in the middle and on the bottom left

Here’s a visual for Robyn is #Killingme:

(click anywhere on this image or on to try it for yourself)

So What’s Killing You?

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    My syphilis is killing me.