The Beginning of the End of Quality Cinema

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I often use Metacritic to see a weighted score (1 to 100) for new albums I might be interested in buying. I think it’s a really great site because it gives you a snapshot of all relevant reviews for new releases. They do the same for film and TV. I don’t use these parts of the site as often but occasionally I’ll visit them. But I wouldn’t have to visit Metacritic to determine that the majority of what’s on offer in your average megaplex today is pure, unadulterated crap.

And as major motion picture studios continue to spew out one mindless romantic comedy after another along with more and more mediocre sci-fi, it succeeds in the dumbing down of America and eventually the rest of the world, even further. All one has to do is see of few of the titles: “Grown Ups”, “Killers”, “The Last Airbender”, “The Back-Up Plan” or one of my favorites from a year ago “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”.

Why anyone would watch any of these even on DVD, even at their most bored, even sitting in a log cabin in the middle of Appalachia with nothing else to do, I have absolutely no idea.

But when you actually take a random look at Metacritic scores, the picture seems even more dire. The numbers marked in green are above 60 and pretty much the only ones that most critics like. But look at the number of yellow and red-coded numbers.

Granted, this is in the middle of the summer, which is one of the worst times of the year for seeing any films of true substance. If we were to look at this in November, it may be a different story. But it seems that over the past few years, the only months that we can see quality cinema are November and December because of the Oscars. And last year was so bad, there weren’t a whole lot of must-sees even in those months.

I will qualify these statements by saying that there are many independent films that are excellent and a ton of feature films that never seem to get distribution. I really feel like it has less to do with a lack of creativity in film making and more to do with an increased demand for CRAP that requires no real thinking.

What is the Best thing about Sex and The City 2?

Here’s a quote from my friend David that I wholeheartedly agree with and have said many times since hearing it.

The best thing about Sex and the City 2 (or future films in the series) is that it’s made by HBO. If a ton of money is made from Sex and the City 2, it will hopefully fund future HBO TV series.

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I couldn’t agree more. While cinema has taken a nose dive, HBO and (to a lesser extent) Showtime have risen to the occasion and produced great HBO films and amazing series like “Big Love“, “The U.S. of Tara“, “The Wire”, the Sex and the City Series (probably about the first 3 seasons),  and too many others to count. So if Sarah Jessica Parker (or the keeper of the crypt as Hedda Lettuce calls her) and her posse can attract hundreds of thousands of women, boozed up and dressed to the trashy nines, and uneducated gay men reveling in old clichés, that’s fine with me—as long as they put that money into producing more quality series.

Is there any hope for cinema?

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