Guess Which Celebrity Has Purportedly Injected Mistletoe Serum Into Her Vagina!


I was at my dog run recently and I was told a really funny story that made me laugh and say: “Now that’s someone who has too much money”.

It was a story told by a person at the park who knows a certain person who’s partners with a certain celebrity. The “certains” supposedly ran into another celebrity in California (I know… the land of celebrities and uncertainty). Apparently, during a brunch of all things, the “certains” were told by the celebrity in question that injecting mistletoe into her vagina is part of her regimin. I laughed out loud and had know idea why someone would want to do that. A Google search yields entries that have the word “tighten” in them:  Google Search – mistletoe serum + vagina Well good for her!

Now a guessing game before the big reveal. If you know, just vote but don’t spoil the surprise! I’ll reveal it soon.

UPDATE 7/5/10: The Correct answer is Suzanne Somers

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