The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio” [Song of the Week]

bloodbuzz ohio

Right now I’m really into The National’s new album High Violet. It’s certainly a contender for this year’s list of top albums and “Bloodbuzz Ohio”, the first single from High Violet, may be the song of the year. So far, The National are the coolest band of 2010, possibly the coolest band to ever come out of Brooklyn. The video for “Bloodbuzz Ohio” is elegant, melancholic, artistic, and quirky.


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Author: John Vasko

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  • Diane

    This is great, John. It's on my iTunes list as soon as I can figure out how to transfer my library from the pc to macbook (I don't want to make any new purchases until I know for sure that I'm not losing everything on the pc!)

  • jvasko

    I would call itunes and ask them to walk you through it. Do you have an
    external hard drive? That is a good way to do it. At some point, it will all
    be stored online anyway so it will be easy to do such a transfer.

  • Chris Maynard

    This song is so good, I love the rhythm, I love the voice, the whole mood is so cool, saw a whole hour of them on tv from Glastonbury, I think things are gonna go stellar for them pretty soon.

  • jvasko

    I just listened to all 3 albums last night 😉 Agree with you!