My Attempt at Daily Photo Lifestreaming with Posterous

On any given day as I walk around New York, I snap photos of things I find interesting. Sometimes they are things I find interesting or noteworthy. A lot of times they are things that make me laugh. I really wanted to start recording this more or less daily activity online in some way, shape, or form. I don’t necessarily want everything on Facebook because I may not want it shared with everyone. I guess I could have chosen twitter and used twitpic or yfrog for my daily photo lifestreaming. What I decided to do is revive my Posterous account, which offers the perfect platform for photo and video blogging straight from the iPhone. In many ways, it’s the easiest blogging platform around because you simply e-mail your contents – photos, video, text, audio to the posterous e-mail address and it blogs it for you – It essentially recognizes the e-mail address you send your e-mail from and knows where to post it. You technically never need to start an account with posterous but it helps if you want to select a theme or some parameters around your blog.

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But what if you do want to post the photos to Facebook or Twitter too?

Well, posterous makes that easy too. With their autopost settings you can add your Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr accounts and post to all of them at the same time. Post@posterous will send the content to all of your selected autopost social media accounts. But if you just want to post to one of them – say Facebook –  and posterous, you simply send the e-mail to You can also combine them. I know I said that it’s easy… Trust me, it is. If all you want is a simple blog and you want to mostly do that from your smart phone, posterous is the way to go. As long as you can e-mail, you’re in business with posterous.

Why didn’t I just do this with WordPress? You can e-mail your posts there too!

Yes, I can. That’s right… But why not spread the love? I’ll always use WordPress for my actual blog posts – mostly when I’m sitting down at the computer. But I really like posterous’s autopost features and now that they offer some cool themes, I’m giving it another try. They also allow you to register domains too, which I may consider. So for my mostly daily but sometimes random photo musings, go to And you can also always get to them via this blog since there is an RSS widget on the right that displays the most recent headlines.

Sometime it’ll be nice to look back over the year at my–sometimes varied, sometimes not–LIFE through photos.

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