2010 Time 100 – My Photos from the Red Carpet

Elton John Walking into Time 100 Event (blurry photo)

We were out and about and stumbled upon the red carpet event for Time Magazine’s Top 100 People. We, along with many others, were hoping to see Lady Gaga but unfortunately that didn’t happen, possibly because she’s due to perform live on tonight’s American Idol results show. But we did see lots of people we know and many we didn’t. We knew it would be unlikely for our president to show up or our former president, and we definitely didn’t see them.

The most notable that I captured in photos (many of them are blurry) from the second floor of the Time Warner Center are Elton John, Suze Orman, Taylor Swift, Neil Patrick Harris,Oprah’s Gail, Chris Matthews, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, Donatella Versace, Betty White, Andy Samberg, and Seth Meyers. Oh, and I mustn’t forget Sarah Palin, who arrived with husband and family in tow and to very little fanfare but respectfully no boos. There’s also a photo of one of the event staff holding a binder with Glenn Beck‘s name on it. If my ability to spit were better, I may have been able to reach that binder but I wouldn’t want to contaminate my saliva, even from afar. I may have captured the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, but I’m not 100% sure.

Obviously, there were many people at the event to pay homage rather than accept an honor and some considered “alumni”. Here’s the full list. Interestingly, here’s how they are ranked by their Influence Index, tabulated form social media activity.

The photos are on my flickr page. Many are quite blurry as I was taking them from far away and the zoom works but focus is lost, especially if you don’t hold the camera perfectly still. If you can identify anyone else that I haven’t here, please do so in the comment section for the particular photo on flickr.

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Author: John Vasko

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  • http://www.scottspiegel.com Scott Spiegel

    My Influence Index is 707–woo-hoo! Take that, Paul Volcker!

  • http://www.JohnVasko.com jvasko

    Mine's 814 so I guess I must just beat Elon Musk!

  • http://www.scottspiegel.com Scott Spiegel

    How did you calculate yours? I did it as ((Twitter x 2) + Facebook) / 2.

  • http://www.JohnVasko.com jvasko

    Yes, I did the same. I have 244 FB friends and 346 Followers. That should be
    122 + 692 = 814. Although the whole thing is kind of bogus really.

  • http://www.scottspiegel.com Scott Spiegel

    I think it's double your Twitter followers, then add Facebook friends, then divide the *whole* grand sum by 2. Order of operations and all. That's how I did mine, anyway.

  • http://www.JohnVasko.com jvasko

    Oh, I didn't realize that. They should have put parentheses around it
    like Formula
    for networking index = ( (Twitter followers) x 2 + (Facebook connections) )
    divided by 2. If what you said is correct, then my 407 beat out Kathleen

    Read more:

  • http://www.scottspiegel.com Scott Spiegel

    LOL–I think you're actually 468.

  • http://www.JohnVasko.com jvasko

    Duh, now that I look back at your explanation, I see that. I'm such a math wiz, aren't I?

  • http://www.scottspiegel.com Scott Spiegel

    Now you beat Paul Volcker, too!

    BTW, thanks for the comment on my article–and thanks for commenting in the right place! :)