My Top 20 Albums of 2009

I guess I can’t really sum up 2009 musically with any one word. My list is eclectic as usual and some might say – a bit all over the place. I guess that’s true. A lot of the indie critics’ darlings like The Flaming Lips, Grizzly Bear, and Animal Collective, I either didn’t listen to or found uninspiring. No, there’s no Lady Gaga on this list, despite how much she was featured in my top songs. I don’t really qualify The Fame Monster as a true album, despite having some great singles. But there is a lot of pop. Am I getting more pop-obsessed as I move through my 40’s? Maybe. I guess it’s just that 80’s vibe that I love so much. You’ll see 80’s influences throughout many of these Top Albums. Take your time and listen to the selected tracks using the LaLa link (not available outside the U.S.) or even the complete album on the LastFM, HypeM, or MySpace links. And if you decide to buy any of the albums, I’d love it if you did it via the Amazon links as I’ll benefit from a little affiliate love;). All selections are in the same post but on separate pages so you have to click “Move Forward” to count down through the list. Enjoy! And give me some comment love at the end!

20. Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM (Track: “Le Chat du Café des Artistes”)

The sophomore effort by Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter unearths a Beck-like alternative folk side to this promising artist. Good for chilling out on a Saturday in the Spring. The featured track is “Le Chat du Café des Artistes”.

Listen on Hype M or LaLa below.

If you like it, you can buy Irm on Amazon.

Author: John Vasko

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  • chris

    Well, you can t have copied my list because I (still!) have n t revealed it yet, so I guess that means a big thumbs up for your choices here, not a single one I dont also love……..for a decade that comes in for so much criticism the 80s sure has a far reaching influence on everything from guitar to electonic and various points in between.

  • jvasko

    Can't wait to see your list Chris!