Hallmark Brought Us Valentine’s But Look What Else it Brought Us…

Hallmark movies are some of the best if you need to make yourself vomit in order to get over a bad case of spinning from accidentally getting too drunk on cheap brandy. They make pirated Lifetime movies look like the height of Oscar-worthiness. Hallmark movies make “Jersey Shore” episodes seem like a haute cultural experiences.

However, there is one Hallmark movie that most unfortunately paints Rosie O’Donnell in an outrageously tragic light. In “Riding on the Bus with My Sister” Rosie plays Andie Macdowell‘s mentally-challenged sister in an attempt to bring light to what life is like for that subset of the population. Rosie’s intentions are good but unfortunately it backfires on her. This is some of the worst acting that has ever been on any screen. I’m a Rosie fan and thought The View was never better than when she was on it but her “Hallmark moment” is not a movie you’ll want to watch next Valentine’s Day!

Here is a mashed up bunch of clips of the worst best moments from “Riding on the Bus With My Sister”. It was generously assembled by Youtube User StripforSatan!

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Author: John Vasko

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