[Song of the Week] Velvet by The Big Pink

A Brief History of Love
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The Big Pink‘s Debut Album A Brief History of Love is quite good but not quite enough to my liking to make my list of top albums of 2009, which, I’m still compiling. Yes, I  know. It’s already February. The Big Pink are an electro-rock duo from London England with definite shoe-gazing elements in their first collection of noise rock. “Dominos”, their first single, was probably a bigger hit in both the U.S. and England but “Velvet” takes the prize for this band’s top single so far. It’s hypnotic and draws you in each second of its 4 minutes and 25 seconds. The video’s great too.


If you like that, check out the 7-minute remix of Velvet by Gang Gang Dance. It’s quite a ride. Download here.

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