The Joans – A Band Entirely Devoted to Joan Crawford

I’m so glad that Logo‘s New Now Next shows videos that would otherwise never make it to the public at large. A smile certainly came to my face when I saw this video by a band called The Joans whose motto seems to be “Come for the Novelty. Stay for the Music”. The Joans are based out of Chicago and make references in this video below to all of Joan Crawford‘s “BEST” movies including Trog and Strait Jacket. This video also makes several Mommie Dearest references. Enjoy!

Watch “Mad at the Dirt”

And I love the fact that they all have the same last name: Joans. The Joans are Davy Joans, Taylor Joans, Aaron Joans, Jennifer Joans, Steve Joans and Ed Joans. You can get more information on them at and on their MySpace Page.

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Author: John Vasko

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