Fever Ray and New Model Army in the Same Week

What a week it’s been for NYC entertainment. This is when I’m reminded of why I live in New York. So much to choose from and all within a short walk or subway ride from my apartment. I hadn’t been to any concerts in a while so to go to 2 in one week was a treat.

Fever Ray Webster Hall Ticket
Fever Ray Webster Hall Ticket

First up: Fever Ray, a.k.a. Karin Dreijer Andersson. I recently posted her video for “Seven“, which is one of the standout tracks on the self-titled album by the vocalist behind Fever Ray (her solo project), The Knife, and Honey is Cool. I have had The Knife albums for a while but never really got into them. Now I need to go back and listen to them.

Fever Ray at Webster Hall
Fever Ray at Webster Hall

Fever Ray put on an amazing show at Webster Hall in New York City. Filled to capacity, it was great to see a vocalist who apparently doesn’t do a lot of touring. Should they come back, I would definitely see them again. As enthralling as the music and Karin’s haunting and unique voice was the light show. The stage was flanked with a series of old floor lamps that seemed to flicker a sepia-tone light in unison with the beats. These lamps worked well with the richly colored red, blue, and green flood lights and various lasers that created a kaleidoscope effect. This extreme mood lighting made taking photos difficult but I managed to get some good ones as did numerous other people who’ve been to Fever Ray shows. I even got a few of Karin’s face, which she apparently isn’t a fan of having photographed.

I took a few videos with my new camera but unfortunately “Seven” didn’t come out very well. Here’s the video for: “Keep The Streets Empty for Me”.

Here’s a slideshow of the photos I took:

Next Up: New Model Army. When my friend Pavel asked me to join him to see this 80’s punk relic, I was a bit unsure. If I’m honest, I had either barely heard of them and from the name probably wouldn’t have even known that they were an 80’s punk relic! Pavel informed me that New Model Army were one of his favorite bands and had put on one of best shows he had ever seen in his home city of Prague.

I’m not a big fan of punk music but this group has quite a few melodic songs that pack a powerful punch. The Mercury Lounge provided a great backdrop to their sound, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Here’s a slideshow of some shots I took at the New Model Army show:

I made these shows despite feeling like I was coming down with a cold. I’m glad I did. They were both great. And to top off my NYC concert experience, Adi surprised me with an inexpensive ticket to NYC Center’s Fall for Dance performance showcasing  the upcoming dance performances for this season.

Anyone else have any show experiences this week?

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    Fever Ray and New Model Army, great shows both!

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    Fever Ray and New Model Army, great shows both!