Song of the Week: The Letter by The Veils

Thanks again to my friend Chris, I was introduced to the band The Veils, and indie/alternative rock band that is led by vocalist and guitarist Finn Andrews. They’ve had numerous splits, band member additions, and three albums, each with a distinctive sound. The most recent, Sun Gangs, was released in April of this year and features one of my standout tracks of the year, “The Letter”. The album as a whole is still growing on me but I’m sure it will. Neither Chris nor I can’t figure out why The Veils haven’t made a bigger splash in either the U.S. or Britain. But sometimes, it takes 4 or 5 albums to do that. Here are a few links if you’d like more information:The Veils on Wikipedia, The Veils website, The Veils myspace

Free download of a new song written in London, dealing with post-American tour anxiety.

And here’s the video for “The Letter”:

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