Little Fluffy Clouds in NYC

Adi told me about how great the skies looked in our neighborhood after one of the many rain-filled afternoons we’ve been having this summer in New York. These photos are taken from our terrace on June 26th. Enjoy these photos while listening to The Orb‘s “Little Fluffy Clouds”. These skies might not be as beautiful as the Arizona skies that Rickie Lee Jones is talking about in this classic 1991 track by the Orb. But they’re as close as we’ll get in NYC.

Click to Listen to Little Fluffy Clouds

Western Skies from Our Apartment

Western Skies on Fire

Worldwide Plaza with Clouds

Worldwide Plaza and Clouds

Cottonball Clouds in New York

Clouds of Cotton NYC

Cotton Skies

Bits of Cotton in the Sky NYC

Wispy Cotton Clouds NYC

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