July 4th Weekend in DC and Virginia Beach

The Cloverfield
The Cloverfield

Adi and I had a fantastic trip with our son Romeo on our trip to Washington DC and Virginia Beach. We owe a big thanks to Marc and Narges for letting us travel in style in their BMW and for being able to use their Garmin GPS device to navigate through the highways in Virginia Beach and the roundabouts in DC.

Romeo was not happy at first being in his crate in the back seat of the car but he did get used to it. After 20 minutes of whimpering, he fell asleep thanks to the doggy-sedative we gave him. He seemed to enjoy walking around on the grass at the rest areas but didn’t seem to do his business until we arrived at our destinations.

We had a short and quick visit with Xerxes and Eric. Above you’ll see their apartment building. We were very comfortable on their sofa bed in their very nicely-sized one-bedroom apartment in the Columbia Heights area of DC. Luckily we found a parking space right next to the building. We had a nice dinner and yogurt afterwards (of course) and then a great breakfast at “The Diner” the next morning before we left for our traffic-filled day.

The second leg of the journey was by far the least pleasant because of the traffic. It seemed to be endless rows of cars but I guess that’s to be expected for the day before July 4th. We left DC at 12:30 and arrived in Chesapeake at 7:30, which was about 2 hours longer than we expected it would take. But we enjoyed Jim’s and Sandy’s great hospitality and our cute little apartment behind their house. Thank you Nicole for letting us stay in our place.

It was so great to finally meet Angell and Makala. It was all “happening so fast” as Patty would say so I didn’t take as many photos of Makala as I would have liked to. We really enjoyed their hospitality and had a great swim at their pool on July 4th. That evening we had dinner at a seafood restaurant on the beach and I was naughty and enjoyed a completely fried meal: seafood combo. Here is the highlight quote from Patty (before ordering her meal):

“Is this fish fresh or is it from Costco?”

On Sunday July 5th, we took a trip to Williamsburg but unfortunately, most of the experience looked like this:


However, we managed to have a great time visiting anyway, even if it was just chatting in the car or taking a shuttle bus to a place to have lunch in Williamsburg. So much for Scattered showers!

Here are some photos from our trip:

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    I only wish I got more pics of Romeo and Makala together

  • John

    I only wish I got more pics of Romeo and Makala together