Going Green with Fashions on 55th!

Gym on Top... Fashions on Bottom.
Gym on Top... Fashions on Bottom.

This is one of the weirdest shops I’ve ever seen. Take a look at what their idea of Earth Month is. Do they think that if they can get people to wear their cheap green and brown apparel that they are somehow helping the environment? Okay, maybe these clothes will stay out of the trash bin just a little while longer but they’ll end up there soon anyway because they are so cheaply made that they’ll fall apart!

This weird no-name shop on 55th street between 9th and 10th avenues, not exactly what’s known as the shopping mecca of New York. There’s really no sign to speak of but they have window after window of tacky clothing that they switch out on a very regular basis. I rarely see anyone in there doing any shopping but when I do, it’s usually someone’s who’s driven in from the far reaches of New Jersey to get their hands on some real “New York Fashion”.

Why do I even know about this place? Well, it’s in the same building as my gym so every time I go to the gym, I see it. My friend Douglas goes to the same gym so we text each other anytime there are “New Fashions on 55th”. It provides an endless source of entertainment for us. I was told by one of the building security guards that it’s a company that wholesales clothing to (mainly) women in the South who sell it at Avon-like parties. What ends up on 55th Street (according to him) are the rejects that didn’t sell.

Just look at this hideous outfit on the left. Obviously it’s not part of their “Go Green” sale since it’s neither green nor brown. The scarf is big enough to serve as a burka and that cheap bow across the bottom of the skirt will probably fall off soon after this thing is purchased, if it ever is!

Do you have any tacky fashions or fashion stories, you’d like to share?

Author: John Vasko

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