Would You Eat at a Restaurant with a B Health Rating?

Jessica Simpson walking past an A restaurant
Jessica Simpson walking past an A restaurant

New York City is planning to introduce the same letter-sign system that California uses to announce to its restaurants’ potential customers the health standards of each establishment. Starting in July of 2010, as reported by the New York Times, NYC restaurants will be doing this. I think it’s about time. I always loved this about California.

It essentially works like a report card:

A = 90 – 100 points
B = 80 – 89 points
C = 70 – 79  points
D = >70 points

So the next question to ask is, how does a restaurant score points. Well, it’s an elaborate system but you can find the details of LA County’s system here (.pdf). What LA County and many other counties in California that adopted the system saw was a huge increase in A and B restaurants after the program was in effect for a few years. This can only be good for our piece of mind as we’re dining out in New York. I for one am thrilled about this program. I simply will not go to any place that does not have an A. It’s that simple. I wonder how the “Mexican” places run by the Chinese will fare? I guess we’ll find out.

See more on restaurant ratings under Los Angeles County on Wikipedia.

What do you think about this system?

Would you eat at a B, if it were once your favorite restaurant?

Author: John Vasko

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  • http://www.JohnVasko.com jvasko

    I would simply never eat in any restaurant that doesn’t have an A.

    • anonymous

      Yes. This is true. I walked into B rated restaurant. Before I ordered my meal, I went to the bathroom. Guess what I saw? A roach. Yuck! I walked right out of the restaurant.

  • admin

    I would simply never eat in any restaurant that doesn’t have an A.