Grace Jones is Back With Her First Album in 19 Years

Grace Jones Hurricane
Grace Jones Hurricane

Grace Jones has always been one of my favorite performers and pop personalities. Her Jamaican-American roots and Euro mystique have always intrigued me along with her fabulous androgenous and fierce look. She’s inspired wanna be models, drag queens, film stars, and pop personalities throughout the years in the sexy/scary way that only Grace can manage. My friend Chris turned me on to Hurricane, her first album in 19 years. “Williams Blood” is my favorite track but “Corporate Canibal” definitely resinates in today’s greedy world. I would love to send Grace in to teach some of these greedy bastards a lesson. I found this great site called The World of Grace Jones. Once you figure out the navigation, it’s a lot of fun. Quotes and lots of great photos of her. Read more information on the Wikipedia entry on Grace Jones.

Here is one of the best songs on the album -Williams’ Blood. I chose to put the Aeroplane Remix in this post but both the orginal and remix are equally good.

Williams’ Blood Aeroplane Remix

Here’s the video for Corporate Cannibal:

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